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Covid-19 Learning!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

What we have learned in last few months is that everything can change in an instant, but what we do is going to determine our present and the future.

New skills

When Covid-19 hit most of the countries we had no one was prepared for the ripple effect it would have on the entire world, For many people it meant losing jobs and not being able to provide the simplest of basic needs for your family. For some people it meant using their skill which they did not think would ever help them to start their own businesses. For some of us it was a time to learn new skills or perfect old ones, to bond with our loved ones and create lasting memories with the time together, that we had been given. Covid-19 will end what will you have learned?

Open Yourself To The Possibilities That Are Around You

Learn something new everyday and never close yourself to the endless opportunities around you, they might not be the cleanest or "best''(according to family and friends) but it never hurts to do something outside the box.

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